b. March 11, 1944, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA.
D. Feb. 12, 2002, Novato, Marin County, CA.

      Jane Hallander was a well-known Martial Artist and successful animal communicator & avian behavior specialist. She grew up in the North Bay and earned a bachelor's degree in biology at Fresno State College. After working for research firms for a period of time, she studied Choy Li Fut kung fu, Yang style Tai Chi and Chi Gong with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong in 1979 in San Francisco, California, and continued Chi Gong and I Chuan practice with Professor P. S. Yu. When Professor Yu passed away in 1983, Sifu Hallander continued her studies with Peng Si Yu's wife, Min Ou yang, and becoming Madame Min's adopted goddaughter.
      She started to teach Tai Chi in her own school--Marin Tai Chi Center--in Corte Madera, California, in 1987, and won Third place of the Push Hand competition in Taiwan the same year, and Second place in 1990.
      Ms. Hallander had written numerous articles for Martial Arts magazines such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt Magazine, Inside Karate, Kung Fu/Karate Illustrated, Karate Illustrated, Tae Kwando Times and Martial Arts Training...etc. In 1999, Inside Kung Fu magazine named her as one of the 100 most influential Martial Artists figures of the century. She also authored several books including "Guide to Kung Fu Fighting Styles", "The Fighting Weapons of Korean Martial Arts", "Shao Lin Five Animals Kung Fu", and "Kajukenbo", and co-authored with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong for "Shaolin Choy Li Fut Kung Fu", "Tai Chi Chuan's Internal Secrets", and "Shaolin Five Animal Form". She published a series of I-Chuan Chi Gong videos with ALC Productions.
      In addition to her dedication in Martial Arts field, Sifu Hallander also devoted herself in studies of telepathic animal communications and became an internationally known animal communicator since early 1990s. She featured on various television and radio show with her African gray parrot, Jing. Among her specialties were finding lost animals, ability enhanced with help from Jing. She also helped people solve behavioral problems with their pets, found the causes of some illnesses and destructive habits, and helped the animal explain to its human companion whether or not its time has come to pass on. She released the secrets of telepathic animal communication in the video "Your Pet's Perspective" with ALC Productions.
      Sifu Hallander died of cancer on the Chinese New Year day, Feb. 12, 2002, in her house in Novato, California.
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